American Watercolor Weekly™  will expose you to top watercolorists and give you tips and techniques to improve your own painting.
 Edited by Kelly Kane
former Editor-in-Chief of Watercolor Magazine
Whether it was those scrumptious-looking ovals of watercolor you got in a set as a kid, an encouraging high school art teacher, or the first art workshop you signed up for after retirement that got you hooked, you and I have something in common—a passion for watercolor painting! With so many distractions to lure us away from the studio, it can be difficult to indulge our passion as often as we’d like, and that’s why we’ve created

Anytime, anywhere, you can tap into tips and techniques from top watercolor artists and instructors, insights from masters past, as well as news about the exhibitions, art societies and competitions that will help you connect with others who share your love of watercolor painting.

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Kelly Kane,
Editor, American Watercolor Weekly
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