Help Artists Who Are Victims of the Hurricane
Dear Friends,
As publisher of various art magazines and newsletters, I feel that we have a responsibility to help artists, galleries, and museums impacted by Hurricane Florence.
When Harvey hit Houston, and when Katrina hit New Orleans, many galleries there were in trouble. Tourism fell way off, and locals were consumed with things other than buying art.
At that time we stepped in and offered free advertising to help some of those galleries survive, and we later learned that it helped a lot. Thankfully, collectors with good hearts looked at the websites, found art they liked, and did some purchasing.
We feel an obligation to give back during this storm as well. We know that there are galleries that will be impacted by a lack of traffic and tourism, and galleries affected by flooding in their space or simply the distraction of storm-related issues in their communities, keeping people from visiting and buying.
We have set up a quick temporary website for people affected by the storm to register and tell us their stories.
We will reach out to these galleries, artists, and museums, and offer them a chance to participate in an ad spread to try to get people to visit and buy from them, to help sustain them during this difficult time.
We are not charging them for this special ad space, which will be in the next issues of PleinAir and Fine Art Connoisseur magazines, and promoted on the magazines’ websites as well.
Please do us a favor and FORWARD this link to anyone you think is impacted in North or South Carolina so that we can help them.
Please visit or forward this link:
We know the storm continues to create flooding in North and South Carolina and other areas, so please keep these people in your thoughts and prayers.
This is a time when we, as a community of artists, galleries, collectors, museums, and auction houses, can come to their rescue. I encourage you, particularly if you were planning to buy art anyway, to consider visiting these people online and making purchases.
Yours truly,
Eric Rhoads,

PS: This is not a time for competitive differences. Therefore I encourage all of my sisters and brothers in the arts community to come together, and for local galleries and artists not affected to help those who are. I also call on all other art magazines and websites to step up and offer a similar program of free advertising for people impacted by the storm.
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